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Execute marketing that delivers on your company's goals and provides a return on investment.

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Your brand is a promise to your market—transform it into a strategic asset that creates value and wealth.


Create competitive advantage through new products, unique services, and fresh business models.

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Leverage executive-level expertise gained over decades of agency leadership and client work.

Every solution starts with a conversation.

Whatever your challenge—anemic sales, new product launch, changing markets—I'd like to help.

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How to Create an Insurmountable Gulf Between You and Your Competition

How to Create an Insurmountable Gulf Between You and Your Competition

You can create an insurmountable gulf between you and your competition. It all starts with applying a unique lens to your product—one that hardly anyone uses. Monocles, Lorgnettes, and Spectacles I love a good lens. Not the kind we put on our faces, although a stylish pair of glasses can do wonders, but rather theContinue reading →

Posted by Mike in Articles
Video: Mastercard Drops its Name from Brand

Video: Mastercard Drops its Name from Brand

Mastercard recently dropped it name from its logo in an attempt to modernize and to move away from its position as a card. Smart move, as more and more brands are trying to economize to accommodate the small screens that facilitate business these days. Even so, there’s just one problem with this move and itContinue reading →

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Episode 034: My Plan to Make It Matter Through My Work

Catch up ep in which I share my recent thinking on the nature of my work and how I’m going to be approaching what I do over the next few years. Plus an announcement about a cool change to the podcast.

Posted by Mike in Podcast