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Privately owned businesses are critical for a healthy society. They energize an economy, but more importantly, they provide a unique environment for human flourishing.

I’m Mike Gastin and I develop strategies and tools to help private businesses thrive.

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The Secret to Good Organizational Marketing

There's a secret to good organizational marketing—a secret that's rather simple, but rarely implemented. It's true for one-person marketing departments, international marketing teams, third-party marketing agencies, and marketing consultants. It's likely true for you,...

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COVID-19 & the Hemispheres of the Human Brain

How a book from 2009 about the hemispheres of the human brain makes complete sense out of the insanity that is today's world. I recently worked my way through The Master and His Emissary by Iain McGilchrist, a 460-page deep dive into the workings of the human brain....

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