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Where would you go if you had help; someone to guide you through the tough spots and show you the best paths? My name is Mike Gastin and I want to help you find your way to success, fulfillment, and a better life.

How to Escape Wage Slavery

In this article I share how you can break free of wage slavery and live life on your own terms.

The Secret to Good Organizational Marketing

There's a secret to good organizational marketing—a secret that's rather simple, but rarely implemented. It's true for one-person marketing departments, international...

The Good Marketer: A Guide to Marketing Virtue

What does it mean to be a good marketer? Is it a simple matter of increasing sales or growing margins? A collection of industry awards and professional accomplishments?...

Create an Insurmountable Gulf Between You & Your Competition

You can create an insurmountable gulf between you and your competition. It all starts with applying a unique lens to your product—one that hardly anyone uses. Monocles,...

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The Currency 107: On Thankfulness, Lenses & the Elevation of My Work

The power of gratitude, my effort to craft lenses that reveal the truth, and the ongoing elevation of this content's quality. Listen & Subscribe...

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