Mike Gastin, strategist, creator, and communicator


I’m Mike Gastin, a strategist, creator, and communicator.

I work with people, organizations, and institutions to develop strategies for success. I also use video, audio, and writing to communicate insights and ideas that help people thrive.

My work is dedicated to establishing and strengthening societies founded on objective and necessary truth.

The Secret to Good Organizational Marketing

There's a secret to good organizational marketing—a secret that's rather simple, but rarely implemented. It's true for one-person marketing departments, international...

The Good Marketer

What does it mean to be a good marketer? Is it a simple matter of increasing sales or growing margins? A collection of industry awards and professional accomplishments?...

How to Create an Insurmountable Gulf Between You and Your Competition

You can create an insurmountable gulf between you and your competition. It all starts with applying a unique lens to your product—one that hardly anyone uses. Monocles,...

The Action Hero Within | The Currency

A brief discussion on the power of action. I've been a proponent of John R. Boyd's OODA loop and one of the key components is action—it changes your...

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