Mike Gastin, strategist, creator, and communicator


I’m Mike Gastin, a strategist, creator, and communicator.

Do you want more freedom? Maybe experience more control over your life? Maybe you want to start a business or grow the one you have. Or, maybe you want to thrive in your career.

I help people break free, become more successful, and live life on their own terms—and I’d like to help you.

How to Escape Wage Slavery

In this article I share how you can break free of wage slavery and live life on your own terms.

The Secret to Good Organizational Marketing

There's a secret to good organizational marketing—a secret that's rather simple, but rarely implemented. It's true for one-person marketing departments, international...

The Good Marketer

What does it mean to be a good marketer? Is it a simple matter of increasing sales or growing margins? A collection of industry awards and professional accomplishments?...

Create an Insurmountable Gulf Between You & Your Competition

You can create an insurmountable gulf between you and your competition. It all starts with applying a unique lens to your product—one that hardly anyone uses. Monocles,...
the currency 089

Does Google Have A New SEO Strategy? | The Currency

I tried a new SEO approach for my website and saw an article go to the first page of the search results in just one week. In this episode, I share...

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