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Mike Gastin
Mike Gastin

Welcome. As you may have guessed, my name is Mike Gastin.

I’ll quickly share some bona fides, as is customary.

I’m a strategy consultant for privately owned businesses with $10MM or more in revenue. I specialize in brand and marketing strategy, but am involved in any sort of initiative as long as it’s mainly strategic and transformative.

I used to own a design firm and we did work for well-known brands like Fisher-Price Toys, Birdseye Foods, Kodak, Wegmans Food Markets, Corning, Xerox, as well as a host of other successful companies you’ve probably never heard of. I did this for almost 20 years. And, no, I am not a designer.

But, all this really has nothing to do with why you’re here.

Let’s talk about my other, more relevant, work. I make videos, write articles, produce a podcast, and publish a newsletter to help people find their way in life.

Why do I do this?

First, the world we live in is clearly undergoing massive change. At the same time, the maps we typically rely on to navigate our world don’t seem to give an accurate representation of this changing terrain. Because of these two converging dynamics, we often don’t know where we are at any given time and we’re unsure of where it is we should be heading to. We are disoriented, or even worse, we’re following false maps, unawares.

Second, we live more and more isolated from one another and this isolation contributes to our disorientation. At the same time, the tools for building community (tools like video and podcasts) have become more accessible and can serve to unite people in their effort to find truth, goodness, and fulfillment.

Third, helping others find their way is what drives me. I always wanted a mentor as a young guy, yet struggled to find one. I spent a lot of years in the wilderness but that wandering helped build something deeper and more valuable in me than I would have gotten any other way. Now I’m far enough along that I want help others who are just getting started.

This is why I do what I do.

I hope you’ll find my content useful and that you’ll find the insights and tools you need to find your way.

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