is facebook dying?

Video: Is Facebook Dying?

Is Facebook dying? You bet, but it didn’t have to come to this. The company and its leadership have failed to account for one simple principle. Check it out. If you like this video, make sure to hop on over to my YouTube channel and subscribe. I post weekly content designed to help small businessContinue reading →


Episode 030: The Question of Moral Marketing

Can marketing be moral? Can it be good? In this episode I ask, and attempt to answer, the question, can marketing be moral. It’s a long one, and I cover a lot of ground, but I have what I believe is a solid framework for approaching marketing in a way that’s moral and good. CheckContinue reading →


Episode 029: A Thought from Gaddis’ “On Grand Strategy”

What does it take to employ grand strategy? What even is a grand strategy? I’ve been reading, and enjoying, John Lewis Gaddis’ excellent book called, “On Grand Strategy” and want to share a thought with you that’s made me think more about my approach to my work. Links You can get a copy of Gaddis’bookContinue reading →


Episode 028: It All Leads to This

Thanksgiving, pen and paper, my connection to a weird YouTube sub-genre, online business plans, and a lunch date: this one has it all. Credits The music track used in the opening of this episode is called “Telecom” and was created by Lee Rosevere.