MiM 016: Lessons Learned From Writing Like A Powerlifter

weight lifter
weight lifter

After writing 1,000 words for 65 days straight, I’ve learned a few lessons—a couple were a bit of a surprise. Take a listen and find out just what writing like an olympian powerlifter has taught me and how regular writing can make you a better entrepreneur.


Here’s info on the Seinfeld Strategy that I talked about. This little trick has been pretty powerful in helping me keep the success going.

And, here’s the app I use to implement the Seinfeld Strategy. It’s called Momentum Habit Tracker. I love using it, but am sure there are many other options.

I referenced an episode of Star Trek called The Trouble with Tribbles. Learn more about it here.


The image used for this post was shot by 182nd Airlift Wing and was made available as public domain.

The music for Make It Matter was created and produced by the talented Lee Rosevere. If you like what you hear make sure to check him out.

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