MiM 024: It’s Season Two and Time to Take a Trip

Coffe cup on table with phone and notebook

I’m kicking off season two of the Make It Matter podcast, which means I’m taking a trip and I hope you’ll join me.

Ever since I kicked off my consulting practice I’ve wanted to also develop a digital aspect to my business. Essentially, I want to sell information products; things like courses, ebooks, and online resources for entrepreneurs. To do this, I’m going to develop a platform, grow an audience, and develop and promote these products—and I’m going to share the journey with my listeners.

Join me in this episode as I talk about my plan, why I am doing this, and how I’ll be using Make It Matter over the next year or so.


The music track used in the opening of this episode is called “Telecom” and was created by Lee Rosevere.

This episode’s closing music was created by James Opie and is called “Atheneia”. It was shared under a Creative Commons License.

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