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Communiqué is a premium newsletter for people engaged in marketing—entrepreneurs, executives, creatives, consultants, freelancers, managers, and yes, even marketing professionals.

Helping you succeed

Marketing has never been easier. Just fire up a Twitter account and Voila!, you're a marketer. But marketing effectively is quite hard. The problem isn’t technology or techniques, although those matter. The problem is perspective. Get the right perspective and the rest falls into place.

That’s what Communiqué is all about—helping you see more clearly so you can make better decisions, focus on what's important, and market with confidence.

I distill my 25 years of experience working with world-class brands—brands like Birds Eye Foods, Fisher-Price Toys, Wegmans Food Markets, Honeywell, and Constellation Brands—to deliver insights that will help you become a better marketer.

What you'll receive

Communiqué is published once a week, early Monday mornings. Each edition includes:

  • An exclusive thought piece that will challenge your perspective and help transform your marketing
  • Commentary on brand and marketing news
  • A curated collection of links to get you up to speed on topics including branding, marketing, innovation, strategy, and sales
  • Occasional reviews of books, podcasts, videos, and other marketing-related media to help you find the gems among the junk
  • Updates on my recently-published articles, podcasts, and videos

What Communiqué is not

There's a lot of mindless marketing info out there and I wouldn't blame you for assuming this is just more noise in the cacophony of today's marketing content. Communiqué, hopefully, is anything but noise. It's my hard-won perspective shared with you—a perspective that's allowed me to do work that matters. But, to help drive it home, let me tell you what Communiqué is not:

  • A tips and tricks, tactical, how-to, marketing tut
  • A bland corporate marketing missive
  • A thinly-disguised promotional newsletter
  • A breathless pitch for the latest marketing fad

What others say

"Over the last decade I’ve turned to Mike time and again to help uncover the right path for my business. Mike brings clarity and wisdom to every engagement and has been transformational to my work." — Mark, entrepreneur

"Mike Gastin is a true innovator. His videos, podcasts and blogs are some of my favorite insights to follow. Mike seems to have the never-ending ability to think ahead about what's next in the branding and marketing industries and break it down into entertaining snippets." — Maureen, agency owner

"Mike is masterful at pulling out the necessary information to cultivate a strong brand! He knows the right questions to ask, the theory behind a brand, and how to keep the team out of the weeds and stay focused. He opened my eyes to the larger world of branding beyond the visuals!" — Mike, design firm owner

"The biggest pressure of running a business has been the feeling that I need to have all the answers, and sometimes I just don't. It's difficult to articulate the sense of freedom that comes from having someone on your side with the experience, thoughtfulness, and depth of insight that Mike brings to the table. He has been and will continue to be the first and last stop for every major decision point of my entrepreneurial journey." — Nate, entrepreneur & technologist

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