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Video: Is Facebook Dying?

Is Facebook dying? You bet, but it didn’t have to come to this. The company and its leadership have failed to account for one simple principle. Check it out. If you like this video, make sure to hop on over to my YouTube channel and subscribe. I post weekly content designed to help small businessContinue reading →

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Episode 033: The Plight of the Virtuous Multi-Billion Dollar Global Disposable Razor Brand

Episode 033: The Plight of the Virtuous Multi-Billion Dollar Global Disposable Razor Brand

Everyone’s talking about the recent Gillette commercial, or short film, as they like to call it—and for that reason I hate to even bring it up. But, there’s some relevance for marketers and business owners that I think is being overlooked. In this episode I tackle the infamous, and probably soon-to-be-forgotten Gillette ad of JanuaryContinue reading →

Posted by Mike in Podcast