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I help business owners discover new opportunities, scale their companies, and realize their goals.

Marketing Strategy

Execute marketing that delivers on your company's goals and provides a return on investment.

Brand Strategy

Your brand is a promise to your market—transform it into a strategic asset that creates value and wealth.


Create competitive advantage through new products, unique services, and fresh business models.

CMO for Hire

Leverage executive-level expertise gained over decades of agency leadership and client work.

Every solution starts with a conversation.

Whatever your challenge—anemic sales, new product launch, changing markets—I'd like to help.

Recent Articles, Video & Audio

Video: Passion vs. Purpose

How many times have you heard the advice, “Find your passion”? I’m not convinced that’s the best way to build a meaningful and satisfying life. In this vid, I share some thoughts about passion and purpose. If you like this video, make sure to hop on over to my YouTube channel and subscribe. I postContinue reading →

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Episode 025: My First Video, Sierra Kilo Bravo, and Two Thousand Dollars

Episode 025: My First Video, Sierra Kilo Bravo, and Two Thousand Dollars

I’m one week in and already I’ve gotten my first video up, reeled in my first subscriber, and even lost my first $2,000. It’s a beautiful thing. Join me as I share the first week of starting a digital business. Show Notes Okay, here’s the link to my Youtube channel. Check it out, subscribe, etc.Continue reading →

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