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The Currency: [019] Mastering LinkedIn for Business Development with Joe Apfelbaum of Ajax Union

The Currency: [019] Mastering LinkedIn for Business Development with Joe Apfelbaum of Ajax Union

LinkedIn—it’s probably one of the biggest social media opportunities for business people, marketers, and professionals. And yet, it’s often overlooked in favor of more trendy platforms like Instagram. Joe Apfelbaum is out to change all that. He’s a LinkedIn guru and in this episode he shares a bunch of killer tips on how to leverage LinkedIn to grow your sales, drive new business, and to create a network that’s got real value.

You can connect with Joe on LinkedIn by visiting his LinkedIn profile. Also, you can check out his company Ajax Union and his Social Sellin training if you want to learn more about how Joe and his team can help you.

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Episode 031: Digital Sharecropping and the Quest for Control

Have you heard? Facebook, Tumblr, Patreon—social media is going through some changes and in the process folks are getting left out in the cold. Now, lots has been said about this from a political perspective, but there’s a big lesson in there for entrepreneurs, businesses, and marketers. So, pull up a chair, pour a drink, and settle in.


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Video: Is Facebook Dying?

Is Facebook dying? You bet, but it didn’t have to come to this. The company and its leadership have failed to account for one simple principle. Check it out.

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