Welcome to Short-Form

I decided to create a place where I could post short-form content—not blog posts so much, but rather pieces that I create while working out an idea or concept.

These will be typically tied to whatever I’m researching or working on at the moment and will be more informal in nature.

There will likely be other kinds of pieces sprinkled in from time to time, too.

You might be wondering what this is all about. Fair enough.

Whenever I’m working on a bigger piece, like an article or essay, I like to break it down into smaller pieces and then work out my thinking on those individual pieces.

That’s what Short-Form is: those pieces published to my site.

In the past, I might write a handful of shorter pieces in an effort to get at the later piece, but I would never publish the smaller pieces. And, often, the larger piece would languish.

My hope is that the discipline of publishing will create a sort of momentum. And, for folks that like a bit of an inside view to the creative process, or more regular content, this is for you!

Look, this is new and who knows where it will land?

I think it’s a good discipline to publish one’s thinking and not just some wonderful essay. So, keep an eye on this space and make sure to let me know what you think.